Our Values


Our knowledgeable support staff makes it easy for customers to work with us by solving their greatest challenges and building an honest, trustworthy relationship. We are always here for the people who matter, and that includes our employees in the office and on the ground. We give our team a safe place to belong, not because industry safety standards demand it, but because we care about keeping them out of harm’s way on the job.



There is only one Earth. That is why we use PCP, one of the safest and most environmentally friendly lift technologies available, to reduce our environmental impact. We also use lean, single-cell supply chains to build products quickly, flexibly, and efficiently without ending up with surplus stock. We monitor each product at regular intervals to see how it is performing and when the job is finished we evaluate why it worked and how we can improve it for next time.



The wells run 24/7, and that means we do too. Whether it is picking up the phone or taking the long drive out to a well site, we go the extra mile to make our customers happy. Our decades of industry expertise and range of high-quality products help us solve problems every day. But on those rare days when that is not enough, we are not afraid to refer customers to our partners — even if it means we do not get the sale — because a referral from a satisfied customer is just as valuable.



Every day we ask ourselves, “How can we make our products better for the workers in the field?” The answer is simple: we use a wellhead back approach to make sure we are building the right tools for the job. If the field workers see a solution, we have the expertise needed to design and manufacture it. We do not attach labels like “innovative” to our work. Instead, we make sure our ideas are creative, effective, and new in the market, then let the product’s success speak for itself.